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Las Vegas in the Hills of Donegal....

Located in the beautiful West of Donegal near our Nanny Madge and family. We know we are always nearly at Nanny Madges when the spectacular mountain of Errigal comes into view.

In legend Errigal is said to have been named by the Fir Bolg who, originating in Greece, came to worship Errigal as they had Mount Olympus. 

The name comes from the Old Irish airecal, meaning "oratory". There is no remains of an oratory on the mountain, so it may refer to the mountain as a whole as a place of prayer.

A truly Irish inspired soap with the green and grey hues of Errigal and poison glen. Handmade and homemade artisanal cold process vegan soap.

3-in-1 body, shave and shampoo bar.
A refreshing and zingy scented soap with natural ingredients combined to create a gentle cleanser. 
Carefully formulated to include moisturising and cleansing oils that nourish the skin and guarantee a luxurious bathing experience. These soaps help maintain your skin’s natural pH balance and hydration.

Ingredients include:

  • Coconut Oil: creates a hard and longer-lasting bar of soap, with great cleansing power.
  • Shea Butter: rich in fatty acids and plant sterols it works as an emollient bringing moisture to your skin.
  • Sunflower Oil: adds a silky feel to the soap and can improve skin hydration and preserve the integrity of the skin's natural barrier.
  • Peppermint, black pepper and pine  essential oils providing a fresh and warm scent for a truly unique soap. 
  • Cocoa Butter: high in fatty acids which hydrate and nourish the skin and improve elasticity. The fat in cocoa butter forms a protective barrier over the skin to hold in moisture. 
  • Castor Oil: creates a dense and creamy lather, a natural humectant bringing moisture to your skin. 
  • Olive Oil: renowned for its moisturising properties this key ingredient leaves your skin supple after use.
  • Seaweed, dried botanicals and charcoal add the gorgeous green and grey hues and texture to this unique bar of goodness.
Want even more great information on these soap bars:
○ A sulfate-free, silicone-free, paraben-free, palm-oil free all-natural soap;
○ Handmade in small batches in Donegal Ireland;
○ Woman run company;
○ Vegan-Friendly ingredients
○ Sustainably sourced local/fairtrade ingredients, supporting the Irish economy;
○ Lasts 3 times longer than liquid soap, less packaging and environmental impact;
○ Size: 3"H x 2.8"W x 1"D;
○ Weight: 60g/ 110g;

Directions: Gently massage the bar onto your wet body, scalp, sponge, cloth, shave brush or loofah.

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❖ PLEASE NOTE: Our soaps are made by hand, please allow for minor colour & shape/size differences in your finished product. They will last a long time if kept dry. Please let the bar air dry between uses & keep it away from direct streams of water. One soap per order.

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